February 26th, 2009

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I am so dead off my ass right now, and sore like crazy business. Why? Because gutterballjen and I stayed up until way too late the past two nights working on this:

I'm pretty proud about how it turned out, and Jeni is, too. :) YES, WE ARE DORKS, BUT WE ARE ADORABLE DORKS. For the record, one of the Green brothers (we're not entirely sure which, but we suspect Hank) has already commented saying that Willy will love it. :)

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In other news, if you know me, you've heard me talk about Jim. If you've heard me talk about Jim, you know that when I say he totally has a livejournal now, you should friend with caution.

FRIEND WITH CAUTION: atomixus - He has joined livejournal to piss you off!

Friend him! Make him feel overly and uncomfortably welcome to livejournal! Swarm him with comments that will both confuse and befuddle him! It will be funny!
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Sometimes I shouldn't speak my thoughts to everyday individuals.

I went to the break room to get some more water, and on my way out, I noticed a dustpan (you know, one of the ones with a handle attached?) leaning against the wall. FULL OF SPARKLING, MULTI-COLORED GLITTER. I found this so immensely hilarious that I brought it into the break room to show the folks sitting in it, hoping they would laugh with me. Instead, they just thought I was crazy for dragging in a dustpan to show them.

I think it's probably for the best that I didn't go on to say, "Come on, it's full of GLITTER! It's as if a whole bunch of fairies shat on the floor, and someone had to clean up the mess! The janitor's all like, 'Oh, cleaning up after these damn fairies in this damn magical castle is a never ending test of my patience. Can't they just use the teeny tiny toilets that flush whenever a child makes a wish, like everyone else?'"

In other news, I totally don't want to do any more work today. Paper Towns has got me in a deep and thinking mood. Not to mention I'm obviously still tired enough from the puppy video proceedings to thrust dustpans in my coworkers' faces.


"Wer wurde nicht Traum von einer langer, dicker ein starkeres Penis?
Wer woulldn't wollen langer im Bett und Ejakulat wie ein Pornostar?"

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Book 5/15 - Paper Towns.

I just finished Paper Towns. It was absolutely perfect. I truly don't think John Green could have possibly written a better book, even if he'd spent another three years on it. This book was exactly what I needed to read at exactly this point in time. I am so glad I chose to save it for last.

Aaron, if you're reading this, I think you should read Paper Towns. I think you'd really like it.