February 2nd, 2009

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Do you know what movie I haven't seen in a kerfrillion years?

"Death to Smoochy".

This is a damn shame. The sadness in my heart is palpable.

XLORMP THREE starts today. Its first chapter shall be posted around 11ish Central Time today. Its official title shall be Only Slightly Better Than the Last Book, but I am renaming it The Terror of Procrastination for myself because that is what I have done. I have procrastinated a terrifying amount. The chapter posted today is the only chapter I have written. I cannot motivate myself to write this shit even though I really want to write this shit.


I really don't want to turn this into the last book, where I wrote the last fifteen chapters or so about a half hour before they got posted. Somehow, no one noticed. Or if they did, they were very polite about not mentioning it.

SECRETS OF WRITING AGONY, REVEALED FOR YOU TODAY. I hope to go home and write two more chapters so I can at least have this week taken care of, but that was my goal for the entire weekend, and instead, I spent that time eating food that is terrible for me and playing with my hula hoops.

Things I really want to post about if I remember: 1) The disgusting monstrosity that is the new football stadium they are building in Arlington (and have been building for, like, the past year?), and 2) The Princess Bride, specifically how much I friggen' love it and my special copy.

I hope everyone's Mondays are epic and delightful.
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My old school is implementing a block schedule. :( :( :(

And did I read that correctly? Bell schedule? Don't tell me there are bells now instead of lights!

My high school had the most ridiculous schedule and system for switching classes. But I loved it. I loved how crazy it was, I loved how explaining it to people who went to "regular school" kind of made them go all cross-eyed, and I loved going through my entire high school experience without hearing a bell ring once.

The school's reasoning? "Many students have struggled to maintain their energy and focus in so many classes, during the school day and while completing homework."

WHAT. THAT IS BULL CRAP. The schedule really isn't grueling. It isn't. I'm sorry. I made it through just fine, and so did craptons of my friends (and even my not-friends!) Kids have been handling this schedule just fine for DECADES. DECADES.

Oh, precious precious alma mater, please stop trying to be more like public schools! *cries*