January 29th, 2009

Eskimo Willow

I'm eating this banana. Lunchtime be damned.

Yesterday it was cold, and there are totally pictures (AND VIDEO!) coming, maybe at lunchtime if I remember? And I stayed at home. And instead of writing like I was supposed to, I threw a trash bag over my body and made a duct tape mold of myself. I also ate a lot of food.

I think writing these parodies are tougher than just regular books due to making it match up with the original. Something in my heart kind of wants to write another book with the Xlormp characters after the fourth parody is overwith, just letting them go whatever direction they want to go in without the confines of mocking Twilight. That's a big "we'll see".

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When I was in high school, I took a class in Visual Basic (a program for writing programs which is probably exquisitely obsolete by now). I did the projects assigned to me, but I'm a nerd, so I also wrote a lot of completely pointless programs that served little purpose beyond making me laugh. One of those programs did nothing but generate random sentences by randomly picking a sentence structure from a grouping of, like, ten pre-written sentences, then plugging in random nouns, adjectives and verbs from other lists of random words. Also the font and background colors would randomly change every time.

The result was, push a button, get a hilarious sentence paired with a visually distasteful color combination. Repeat until your classmates* want to kill you. I loved it.

I would give anything to have that program right now, to help me title the third book in the Xlormp series. Because I'm totally drawing a blank.

Suggestions/inspirational messages are welcome.

*Fun fact: I could not remember the word "classmates" until I proofread this entry. I originally wrote "desk neighbors".
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25 Things Meme

Because I like to talk about me. Because everyone else is doing it. Because I want to see if I can actually think of 25 completely random facts about me that don't make me seem really boring.

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Your turn! If you wanna. :)