December 18th, 2008

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Final Day of Happy

The thing I am happy for today is knowing with absolute certainty that I've got people in my life who love me, that I love back.

I usually hate posts that consist of nothing but "BLAH AIN'T LOVE FANTASTICALMAGICLY?" But the Internet is forcing it out of me through the medium of meme. I apologize.

Other than that, I can't wait until this day is over. At least the work part of it.
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So the Winterveil stuff went up on World of Warcraft on Monday, and I haven't been able to log on because all of my spare time has been spent MAKING RL CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. I haven't even been to Ironforge to get my present from under the tree, and that takes, like, two seconds. I logged on for an hour to clear out my mailbox because Jim's been farming and sending me a crapload of runecloth and fish and shit, but that's IT. Then I teleported to Ironforge so that the first thing I could do when I log on next is do my Winterveil stuff and I haven't been back on.

*weeps bitterly*

Winterveil is my favorite. It's so pretty and Christmasy and how sad is it that I'm more excited about the WoW equivalent of Christmas than real life Christmas? Real life Christmas is stressing me out! I have so much to do an no money and bitch bitch bitch bitch whine.

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I really love ridiculous memes.

Yoinked from svimmelhet, The Close your eyes and draw a cat meme.



Also, I feel the need to share this with you: a song I simultaneously hate and love.

I can't stand pretty much the whole thing. I can't figure out where the hell the beat is, that weird screeching noise during the verses drives me mad, the song is stupid. But when it gets to the "If you like it then you should have put a ring on it" parts where the music gets vaguely dissonant and there's a smidge of harmonizing on the vocals, I really dig it. I think the lyric is terrible ("Whoops, you didn't give me a huge shiny rock and marry me, so obviously I am completely justified and guilt-free in leaving you, you losery-loser-face"), but musically, for a few moments, it's kind of awesome. I feel blasphemous saying it, but it hints at the same feeling I get listening to some Radiohead songs. It then goes instantly back to terrible.

Could someone somehow make an awesome version of this song that didn't suck so hard?
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They changed the profile pages again, and now my greasemonkey script does not work. They're not as hideous as I found the last ones, if we have to have jarring lines separating sections, I'd rather they be the light blue ones they have now. But I was perfectly happy not having to look at the new profiles at all.