November 6th, 2008

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Feeling So Much Better About Life

Due, in large part, to this guy:

No need to watch the whole thing if you don't want to (although I do recommend watching at least the first thirty seconds to see him dance with ice cream), but he makes a point about politics in there that is pretty much the reason I do not let myself dwell in it (it being politics) for very long, especially during election season. Except that he explains it so much better than when I try to (italicized emphasis mine):

"Jesus said something [paraphrasing]: 'There will always be wars and there will always be evil men.' And I think that's a good thing to remember when we get all worked up in politics. I think that you should pay attention only as much as you have to. But I also don't think that you should get so worked up into it that it causes you to be unhappy and it causes you to be angry. Because, even if you're fighting for good, from an angry place, you're a vessel of anger. You're spreading anger. It does no good. A just cause is not helped if you come at it from anger or guilt. If you're giving money out of guilt, that action is tainted with guilt."

This is why I hate to read the news. The stories covered usually make me feel depressed about humanity, and I feel that at its core, humanity is pretty great. I dislike following politics for the very same reason. When I do watch, what I see is people bickering, saying, "LOOK HOW ASSEY THE OTHER GUY IS", or "SO AND SO IS GOING TO DESTROY OUR COUNTRY", and I feel no love from the political arena. I feel anger and frustration, and I don't think it's possible to breed anything positive from that. This is why I have a hard time voting, because I do not want a politician in office. Politicians are trained to give canned answers, to withhold information and twist truths to get the most people on board with their ideas. Watching the final debate, I was left exasperated with both candidates, because it seemed the entire thing was them saying, "Listen, don't pay attention to my opponent, he's a jerk. My idea is better. But instead of telling you my idea and expanding on how I plan to implement these policies, I'm going to focus a little more on why my opponent is a jerk."

Anyway. The guy in the video actually has an lj (halcyonpink), but his main project is something called Hug Nation. I'm not a religious person, but if I went to church, I'd like him to be the preacher. I don't enjoy feeling bogged down by hatred, which is all I felt yesterday thinking about the Prop 8 crap. But going through the Hug Nation archives and hearing Halcyon talk about love and uplifting stuff made me feel way more hopeful than I have the entire rest of this election year. So hooray for positive vibes! And hooray for pink hair! :)