October 17th, 2008

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Oh, "The Dentist"!

So I had a dentist appointment yesterday, but it was just for a check up and cleaning. No Novocaine. Normally when I go to the dentist, I bring Toto, my stuffed dog since childhood. But since I had no needles to battle with this time, I left him at home.

I walk in, and as I'm signing in, the receptionist seems to be examining me and my belongings. After a few seconds, she says, "Where's Toto?"

"I left him at home, I'm not getting stabbed today!"


And when I went in to get all set up in the chair, the dental assistant said, "Where's Toto?"

Not only do these people know I bring Toto, they know his friggen' name. I take this to mean that it's too much for the folks at the dentist's office to handle if I show up without Toto, so I'm going to bring him from now on no matter what. He probably would have been a comfort anyway whilst sitting there having someone digging plaque out from under my gums, Novocaine or no!

Also, it's always fascinating to me which ticky boxes get the most hits when I post inane polls. This time around, it was a tie between "TICKYTICKYTICKYTICKY" and "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". Speculation open now as to what this reveals about my friends list as a whole.
Hooping - Whee!

And Now For a Hooping Post!

So here's what I did: I went ahead and added everyone that didn't specifically say "no" in the poll to this filter. So if you're seeing this and going, "Oh, crap, another hooping post?" you can remove yourself here! I'll be kind and give you the option to opt out every time I make a hooping post.

I had someone ask me what hooping is! This is hooping! It is awesome and hardcore and amazing.

So yesterday, I got some tape I ordered from Identi-tape, so I could finally make some shiny hoops. :) The one hoop I was itching to tape is my "Adore" hoop.

Okay, so The Smashing Pumpkins put out this kick ass album in 1998 called "Adore". (Holy hell, "Adore" is ten years old this year. *shakes head*) It's been one of my favorite albums for a really long time, but I was always hesitant to call it my absolute favorite album of all time ever, because A) The Smashing Pumpkins, while being an awesome band, aren't my favorite band of all time ever, and B) None of the songs on the album are my favorite songs of all time, ever. So the album couldn't be my favorite!

I finally admitted this year that it actually is. Because the entire album as a whole is beautiful, all of the songs together in a collection, combined with the amazing album art and layout...I love it. So I made a hoop based on the "Adore" color scheme: Brown, cream, and black. For the black I purchased a metallic black, and the brown is regular electrical tape. But there is NO cream colored tape ANYWHERE. So I decided, "Fine, I'll use cream colored ribbon!" I picked some up at JoAnn's yesterday.

Turns out I picked up too much. After I finished taping the hoop, I had a whole roll left. So, stealing an idea from gutterballjen, I tied some ribbon around the hoop to hang off and flow while hooping.

I tested it out to a few songs from the album, and the added ribbon is pretty awesome. I'll have to come up with a more permanent way of securing it in place, but it swishes and makes noise similar to the noise you hear in fire hooping videos. So I secretly pretended I was fire hooping. :)

ANYWAY. If you're not sure what album I'm talking about, here's the cover art: Collapse )

Take me off this damn filter!