September 23rd, 2008

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PMOG and Firefox 3

Okay. I (finally) installed Firefox 3 and the new PMOG whatever thingy, and now my PMOG bar is all silver and not the cool wood looking color. DO NOT WANT. Anybody know how to fix this?
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A Solution For Modern-Day Living

Say you're trying to lose weight, eat healthy, that sort of thing. But you get hit with...the urge. YOU know what urge I'm talking about.

The urge to scarf an entire fucking bag of chips in one sitting.

May I offer as a solution the most badass Flat Earth chips? Holy crapping shit, these things are delicious. And they probably won't clog your arteries if you eat the whole bag. In fact, there is half a serving of vegetables in each ounce! If you eat the whole dang bag, that's THREE servings of vegetables! AMAZING.

I love these things. They are a life saver.