September 16th, 2008

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I'm thinking of starting every post I make from now on with something like, "Current Obsession: Whatever" so that if you're not interested in reading a trillion posts about it, you can just ignore me for a week or so. :) Current Obsession: FRIGGEN' HULA HOOPS.

Went to River Legacy park yesterday with gutterballjen, and we brought our hoops and played. :) The park is GORGEOUS and it's got lots of open space to do whatever. There were people grilling hot dogs, playing with their dogs, playing baseball with their kids, etc. Almost every time I go, there's someone flying a kite, but there were no kite fliers yesterday!

Finally got the hang a little bit of this trick, so that's exciting! Before I was slinging the hoop across the yard and you just had to hope you weren't in the line of fire. Jeni is doing way better than me, when she does her tricks it looks like the video.

A guy showed up while we were taking a break and asked if we were professionals. (HAHAHAHAHA!) We said no, very very beginners, actually. But we ended up getting invited to a party, "Bring your hoops!" he said. I've never been randomly invited to a party before, that's kind of exciting!

I have a list fourteen miles long of crap to do. I'm going to list it all out, hopefully that will help me get it all done:

1. PRACTICE VOICE (my German recital thing is in friggen' October, not far at all)
2. Work on New Moon parody (I meant to start on that last night but of course I didn't)
3. Mail out postcard for Hufflepuff postcard exchange
4. Get Nikki's birthday present together and mail it out
5. Mail off Xlormp to the ebay winner
6. Start putting together package for current Marvelous Mail round.

Lots of mailing to do. I think that's it? It felt like there was more...maybe I'll think of it...