August 26th, 2008

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Holy hell, H_E is going batshit with all this Nikki in Azkaban business. I hate not having the internet at home right now, but I'm also SUPER glad I re-joined this term!

IN OTHER NEWS: I finally saw the movie version of Bridge to Terabithia, and I was impressed. I wanted to see it, but I was kind of afraid it would suck, or they would do retarded things to it and make it not awesome. But I was SURPRISED. It kept pretty closely to the book (or what I remember of it anyway, it's been a while since I last read it), and even though they updated it for the times (IE: mention of the Internet and electronic devices), I still got the same general feel of Jess's family that I did when I read the book. My only gripe is that they made Leslie too pretty, I don't remember her being so pixie-like, but as I said, it has been a while since I read it.

And of course the ending made me bawl like a baby, but I expected that. I didn't expect them to do it so well, though.

I need to read the book again!
Tree Dreaming

Zoe Keating = Hard Core Cello Awesome

I'm not sure when the last time I pimped Zoe Keating was, but I'm going to do it right now. She was recently on a podcast where she talks about her cello playing, and also plays a bunch of stuff LIVE RIGHT THERE.

Listen, if you like cellos at all, you should check it out. Click on the link, you don't have to download anything because it streams, and you can hit play and let it sit in the background while you carry on with your regular internetting.

Zoe Keating used to play with Rasputina, but now she solos it, and I'm totally glad she does (even though she was my favorite other Raspy member). Basically, she takes her cello, plays a little, loops it, then plays more over it. The results are GORGEOUS. Even if you know her stuff inside and out, you should listen to this anyway because the first thing she plays is something new.


And now that you understand how amazing she is, you probably want to buy some of her music. That's cool. It's right here.