August 18th, 2008

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Guilty Pleasure of the Week

Sorry, everyone who still thinks maybe I have good taste, but this is my favorite thing of the moment:

The first few times I heard this song, I totally thought the line "I wanna have groupies" was "I wanna have boobies" and I like my version better, so I deem those the real lyrics.
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I picked up this icon from a shop in diagon_elite and I REALLY wanted to use it, it's gorgeous. I hope I remember I have it so I can use it all the dang time.

Anyway, I survived the weekend stuck at my parents' house with the help of such company as the fine Megan aka auracel, and Paul and Leona WHO DON'T HAVE LIVEJOURNALS FOR SOME REASON. *sigh* I swear, every time I see them, I talk to them about shit I've posted in lj because ALL of my friends are supposed to INSTANTLY know everything I post to my lj*, and they're always like, "...what?"

The Twatlympics is over, and I'm sort of relieved. My enthusiasm had kind of fizzled by the last two challenges. I'm kind of pissed, though, because the last challenge was an open-ended "Dazzle the FUCK out of us" and it wasn't until after the deadline that I came up with the idea of recording an awesome Twilight sock-puppet musical. My little sister's Flip video camera was RIGHT THERE, it would have been easy and could have been done. And would have kicked ass. I'm kind of pissed at myself. OH WELL.

In the same Olympic vein, I FINALLY got to watch one of Michael Phelps' races, and it was the 100 Fly that he won by one hundredth of a second. That's fucking swimming, guys.

I also got the back of my jacket I'm knitting for the craft_olympics done, but only one chapter on xlormp. I need to get on that...

*Sadly, this is really how I think about things. If you're my friend, you obviously read my lj, so you automatically know everything I post here. RIGHT???