July 16th, 2008

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Did I loan somebody my copy of Twilight? I can't find it anywhere, and I need it, because I'm working on a new wonderful writing project that involves making fun of Twilight.

You know, I never used to understand how anyone could find joy in mocking something or hating something, but now, thanks to Twilight, I do. It is completely ridiculous.

ANYWAY: I won't reveal much, but this writing project is called "The Most Popular Book in the Whole World" and it is awesome so far.

There was something else I was going to bitch about...OH YES, maybe you recall the creepy neighbor dude from this post? Well, today I noticed there was a note on my car, and it read thus: "Hey, wanted to see if you wanted to hang out & watch a movie? Paul (About 8 PM)"

I kind of want to try to out-creep him? Like, bang furiously on his door and say, "I FOUND OUT I AM NOT THE ONLY GIRL YOU ARE ASKING OUT. IF WE ARE GOING TO BE TOGETHER, IT NEEDS TO BE ONLY ME. AND I WANT TO SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS, AND TELL EVERYONE THAT WE ARE IN LOVE." Just to see what happens.

But I'm not that great an actor, so while it would be hilarious and awesome, the execution would probably fail.

OH AND ALSO: Swim team? You know how I wasn't going to do it this year? Looks like I'll be coaching at state meet. Which is fine and everything, if I had to only do one bit of coaching all year I'd pick state meet, but it also means I now have to ask for two new days off after I just took two days off for Portus, and apparently everything is all fucked up because nobody at the YMCA knows what they're doing when it comes to swim team...it's pretty exciting. I sort of feel like I ruined swim team by not coaching. :(

ANYWAY, mostly I'm excited about writing this Twilight spoof. So far it's been entertaining.

ETA: HP Read-thru update: I'm on book one, ch. 5. No matter how many times I read about it, I ALWAYS forget about Dudley's Smelting stick and it ALWAYS makes me laugh. "After a minute of confused fighting, in which everyone got hit a lot by the Smelting stick..." I love the construction of the sentence. I also love HOW MUCH is in these first few chapters that don't pop up until later books. Miss Figg, Harry talking to snakes, Sirius' motorbike, apparation, it's awesome. WTG JKR. :)
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DAMN IT, got halfway through Dr. Horrible, Act 1, and then all of a sudden our server went FUCK THAT NOISE. Apparently it is down. This is the talk I'm hearing from the office. What I'm saying here is, lame timing, server, I WAS ENJOYING IT SO FAR.

I keep forgetting it's a musical, and then they start singing, and my heart goes *squee*

OH MAN AND I HAVE A DENTIST APPOINTMENT TODAY. Not as terrified as last time, but not looking forward to Novocaine. I've brought Toto to squeeze and cuddle.


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