July 7th, 2008

Tree Dreaming

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Lunchtime is not long enough. Took a short nap, and now I wish I were home so I could go back to sleep in my comfy bed. COMFY.

Weasley sweater almost done. The second sleeve only needs a few more inches, then I just need to sew up the sides, knit up the neck, and throw on a shiny "G", and I shall have a George sweater! I'm doing the "G" in duplicate stitch in case I want to take it off later and put on a "J".

Mad apartment cleaning needs to get done today. HOLY CRAP. THREE MORE DAYS. I was going to go to yoga, but with all the stuff I need to do, it's probably better if I skip and work on getting the apartment in shape.

Weekend was spent with lots of fireworks, WoW, Magic, friends, and Wall-E. Pretty much All of these combined with frantic knitting. A good time was had by all! The problem with long weekends is that they end. *sigh* Once Portus is over, I'm going back to working on Whatever. (Ha, I haven't worked on it since the beginning of April! Nice.)

ALSO: Jesso has decided my craft_olympics project! I'll be writing this book.