July 3rd, 2008

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I feel somewhat less awesome now that I'm not covered in sparkles. It's weird. Perhaps I need to cover myself in glitter more often.

Also, I've had "You smell like...weeeeeeeeerewoooolf" in my head ALL NIGHT.


I was at Jim & Jessie's. Corie came downstairs, holding a stuffed monkey her aunt had given her. These monkeys can record your voice and then play it back in a cute monkey voice.

She sits down, holding the creature, and says, "I think dad got a hold of the monkey again."

She presses the "Play" button, and, in a cute monkey voice, the monkey says, "Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you."
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It's about damn time...

I FINALLY signed up, took pictures, and got myself a friggen' Etsy shop. I used the "Jessies' Whimsies" name that Jessie and I have been using to sell stuff in various places, but the only thing listed are my bun covers. If Jessie wants to list anything, she can. :)

ANYWAY IT IS LIVE. It'd be really cool if you could point folks who might be interested in the shop's general direction.

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I have this overwhelming compulsion to go to every friggen' Bella Cullen Project concert now. It was pointlessly fun, they are local, and their songs are growing on me even though Twilight makes me twitch a mighty twitch.


We HAVE to be sparkly EVERY TIME. Because being sparkly was way too much fun for its own good. We can be ANTI-FANS. It will be AWESOME.

Yes? No? They're playing again Monday, July 21st at the Euless Library.

ALSO: I joined PMOG.
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A post heavy day, guys, I apologize. But I just realized, with a week left to go, that I am REALLY FRIGGEN' EXCITED about Portus. Like, the anticipation that you get in the pit of your stomach where it's all, "Oh, man, why isn't Portus TOMORROW???" This is the reason I decided to go to Portus in the first place, having something Harry Potter related to look forward to. It's also sort of hitting me that the series is really over. On the 21st of this month, it will be a year since Harry Potter officially ended. Apparently it's taken this much time to really sink in.

Do I have time to re-read Deathly Hallows before Portus, along with the nine million other things I have to do?

Probably not. But I think I'm going to give up on the second book club book for this month and give it a good try.

ASLKFJSLDKJFSLDAKJF also, seeing The Bella Cullen Project has made me want to try my hand at Wizard Rock. Except I'd feel like I'm coming in waaaaaaaaaaaay late to the party. Is that okay? I don't know much about Wizard Rock, just that what I've heard so far is awesome. It kind of bums me out, because Anne (spinooti) had the idea to form a band based on Harry Potter BEFORE Harry and the Potters hit the scene, and I always thought it was awesome, and here I am still never having done anything about it and there's six billion Wizard Rock bands and would it be worth it? Really? Maybe? Anyway, I wrote a song about Dobby last night. I didn't intend to post about it but there it is. It's a sappy song. I didn't mean to write a sappy HP fan song, but I did. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME HOLY CRAP.

So the point is, I'm really excited about being completely immersed in psycho crazy fandom for a weekend. REALLY excited. I love psycho crazy fandom for reasons I can't entirely express. It just makes certain parts of my heart really happy. The outsides of my heart. Yes. I'm serious. It feels like there is a halo of happy around my heart.

Guys, for serious, probably you should ignore this post because I feel like I'm drunk off of some sort of long weekend/too much internet/Wizard Rock/Portus/Too much too do/NIKKI IS COMING/Bella and the Cullens/Sparkly thing. I can still smell the sparkly spray on me, even after a shower. Maybe that's causing the loopiness. We sprayed a whole lot of that stuff up our noses, I'm sure.