March 13th, 2008

Tree Dreaming

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Holy shit, lj, seriously, what is wrong with you.

In other news, got an Insane Journal. Ugh. I HATE THIS. I really do. I don't work well with change, I don't work well with moving. I want my lj to not get jerked around every five seconds and have me questioning whether or not it was worth it to get that permanent account, if it will still be recognizable in the seven years it will take to pay for itself.

Tree Dreaming

Over it, over it, over it!

Okay. I think I'm over the LJ drama, it will pass, LJ will continue to be stupid, but it's not worth stressing over. I'm also over the recent crap that has boiled up on my emo journal. I've done everything I can think of to protect myself, and beyond that, it's also not worth worrying about. Tomorrow's Friday and this week will be over, and I think I've just about got myself trained to wake up at 5 so that I can go to 6 AM yoga and get my brain all screwed on straight again.

This song is helping, too:

It came on the Seasons expansion in simlish, but I never heard it until recently since I never listened to the "Pop" station and I had a bunch of my own music loaded on to listen to. I removed it all so that Free Time would run faster, and listened to the Pop station because it has the awesome "Pocket Full of Sunshine" song on it, and found this song. SO GOOD. Even better when I can understand the words!