February 12th, 2008

Tree Dreaming

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So I had a WEIRD DREAM last night.

It involved tattoos, and I ENTIRELY blame opaleyes' recent tattoo experience for it.

IN THE DREAM, this lady I work with gave tattoos around willy-nilly to anyone who wanted one. I told her I didn't want one, they are scary. But, it would be neat to have blue flames on my legs. So she pulls out her little tattoo gun thing and inks up my legs with ugly blue flames, not at all the pretty ones I had pictured.

But the good news was, it didn't hurt! I'd have to come up with the cash to remove the ugly blue flames on my legs, but this meant there was hope for me getting the cello tattoo on my back I wanted! (I want that in real life, too.) So tattoo-lady hastily draws out the f-holes and says, "Is that what you're wanting?" and I say "YES MA'AM."

Then she pulls out a friggen' SCALPEL. And I say, "Um...what's that for?"

Apparently, the scalpel is what actually sets the ink into the skin. She has to do all this nasty, criss-crossy slicing across the tattoo she's just inked in order to get it to stay. She then points to my legs, telling me to note that the ink is already coming off from the blue flames.

Well, that means I don't have to figure out how to get the flames removed, but it DOES mean I have lost any desire what so ever to get my cello tattoo.

I then hopped onto lj (because in my dreams I have the internet at home/work/camp/wherever the hell I was) and commented on Nikki's post that the reason it felt like they were dragging an xacto knife along her back is because THEY WERE.

...Ok, that's all.
Tree Dreaming

Chapter 14: Callipygian

Now, Pepper was alone with Ferret. Which was quite odd, because he couldn't see Ferret, but he knew he was there. So he was confused, because he wasn't sure how to deal with being alone with someone he couldn't see, and he was angry, angry at Pinkie for leaving, for not answering any questions, for being such a know-it-all, for bringing him here, for a number of other things he couldn't even begin to express.

"She is insufferable!" He shouted.

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