February 6th, 2008

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Political Crap

Okay. I've been going back and forth on this, I really have. I thought I knew who I wanted to vote for President, but then I changed my mind. And then I changed my mind again. And again.

BUT. After carefully weighing all of the options, I know precisely who I will be voting for come November:

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The Great Mix Tape Swap Project of '08, or, as I like to call it, Lester

So a bunch of people seemed cool with the idea of doing this thing! To which I say: AWESOMESAUCE.

These are the folks that expressed interest: tomnoir, syntheticjesso, opaleyes, unavoidedcrisis, auracel, gutterballjen, zauzau, jix1125, aloria ETA: sheena_bandy, temporaryfix, mrgazpacho.

If you are listed and you are a LYING BASTARD who doesn't really want to play, or if you aren't listed and would like to play, comment and let me know! If you're listed and are cool with playing, comment anyway just to make me feel special so I know you read this!


One mix, ten songs, no repeat artists. Anything goes, really, but try to fill it with stuff folks might not be familiar with. If you pick a mainstream artist, try picking a lesser known album or track. Do your very very best to avoid singles. But most importantly, pick stuff that speaks to YOU. If you have a pile of unknown artists over here that you are fond of, and a pile of well-known stuff that you love, go for the stuff that you love. (Also, it can be music from any time period, doesn't have to be recent!)

Let's make a deadline for this, I'm thinking two weeks is plenty of time to put a mix together, so the deadline is: Wednesday, February 20th.

When your mix is ready:

Make a public post with a link to where we can download your mix (Sendspace is ugly but awesome for this) and the track list. Then, contact me with the link to the post (you can either comment to one of my recent posts or you can e-mail me at chewbobington at gmail dot com).

You don't have to have album art or a theme, but if you do, feel free to include them in the post. You are also welcome to explain why you chose the songs on your mix.

And that's it! We'll deal with the details of what to do with all this music once it's all been posted, does that sound okay?

Now go, go, go, make awesome mixes! :)