January 30th, 2008

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Chapter 10: Ferret

"I have a detour to make before we head home," Pinkie said, once they were well away from the forest and could no longer see it.

"A detour?" Pepper asked. "From nowhere to some more nowhere?"

Pinkie glared at him. "Just because you can't see anything out here doesn't mean nothing is here."

Pepper snorted. "I think I learned that last night," he said, letting his fingers find his Lucky Thing. He held it gratefully, he dared not imagine what would have happened to him had he not been wearing it.

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KFC switched the normal placement of my biscuit and macaroni in my chicken friend steak meal today. I'm thinking of never patronizing their establishment again*.

So, dudes, I have something I need to discuss with you, and it's very important.


For the past few weeks, I'd say at least two? It's felt like it's got some sort of fluid in it, or like it's got a piece of cotton crammed waaaaaaaaay down in there. I can hear out of it, but I can tell the difference if I listen through the broken ear or the good ear. (I've tested this with headphones.)

Am I dying?

I don't want to go to Care Now AGAIN. I hate them, they're expensive and tell me nothing useful (except for that one time with the scabies. That time, though, they were only useful for the prescription, as I'd already determined for the most part that it was scabies.) The sad part is, it's still cheaper to go to Care Now once every few months than it is to pay for health insurance through my company and go to a real doctor. LAME. (Especially since with the insurance, I'd be paying for that AND the Care Now visit, it's just the visit would be marginally cheaper.)

What I'm saying here is, do you think I should be concerned with it and get it checked out? Do you know any fancy home remedies for weird-clogged-ear disease?

Am - am I dying?