January 17th, 2008

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Chapter 5: Deltiology

They continued to walk, although now Pepper doubted how far in the correct direction they were traveling. Pinkie hadn't seemed entirely herself since she saw whatever it was that she saw, and she wasn't forthcoming with details about it, either. Pepper contented himself to daydream again, although he missed the short conversation that had begun before The Incident.

He was starting to wonder if Pinkie actually knew where she was going, if they were ever going to find the mysterious Mr. Morggison, and if he really had food for them. Because now, his stomach was starting to rumble. He felt around for his pack of gum, but he only had two pieces left, and he didn't particularly want to share. So he kept them to himself. Pinkie must be starving, too, but she didn't let on.

Pepper decided to try his luck. "So..." he said cautiously, "How far until we get to Mr. Morggison?"

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Comments on my journal

OR: How much you suck and don't comment.*

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*I kid, I kid, you only smell a little funny!

Also, after looking at this meme on opaleyes' journal, I'm pretty sure it leaves folks out. So if you comment but you're not on here, BLAME THE PROGRAMMERS, NOT ME.
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Thanks to Mur Lafferty (seriously, guys, you should listen to Playing For Keeps, because not only is the novel good and entertaining, but it's written by a TOTALLY kick-ass lady), I'm all up on the seriously looking at my stuff and thinking about rewriting. So, I'm going to make an OFFICIAL LIST OF WRITING PROJECTS:

Why You Should Never Trust A Man: A Memoir
Why You Should Never Trust A Woman: A Devotional
Why You Should Never Trust A Llama: A Choose Your Own Adventure
The Spaghetti Incident
Pepper Has An Adventure

If Yoga Postures Were Men
PROJECT X (I refuse to speak about this until I'm much farther along)

So, I have a billion first drafts and a few WIPs. I'm looking at those un-edited novels like the stacks and stacks of knitting I have that is done except for weaving in the ends, sewing seams, etc. I've recently discovered if I just do it, with the right tools, I don't hate finishing my knitting projects as much. So I'm hoping I can come to a similar place with my writing.

I am torn as to which novel to focus on, I'm most interested in doing Whatever, Woman (since in my heart, that one's my favorite, it feels the most like a concise story, and I look at it as "cannon"), and Pepper Has An Adventure. But I'm digging working on PROJECT X right now, so we'll see.


ETA: OH YEAH, THE WORD OF THE DAY. It is excellent today, too!

bone-orchard: A slang name for a cemetery.

Sprucing Up Boston's Graveyards
Today is the feast day of St. Anthony, a patron of gravediggers. Alice Earle's Customs and Fashions in Old New England (1893) described a puzzling and disingenuous tidying up that Boston cemeteries periodically underwent: "Early graves were frequently clustered, even crowded, in irregular groups in the churchyard...In the first half of this century, a precise Superintendent of Graveyards and his army of assistants - what Charles Lamb called 'sapient trouble-tombs' - straightened out mathematically all the old burial places, leveled the earth, and set in trim military rows the old slate headstones, regardless of the irregular clusters of graves and their occupants. And there in Boston the falsifying old headstones still stand, fixed in new places, but marking no coffins or honored bones beneath. The only true words of their inscriptions being the opening ones, Here lies."

*Am I a writer now? I'm starting to feel slightly more like one. THIS IS BIZARRE AND NEW TERRITORY.