January 10th, 2008

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Okay, so I think I'll do a chapter a day then*, because THAT SEEMS TO BE THE GENERAL CONSENSUS. You don't have to read it if you don't want to, but if you do read it, I'd really appreciate feedback because it will help encourage me to edit the thing.

I think, if this works out well-ish, I may do it with some of my other novels to work on them. We'll see how this one goes first, though.

SO! I'll make a separate post with the first chapter in it (which I've already posted here, but hey, it's a good chapter, so it's worth re-reading, I THINK).

ALSO: I think this would be fun if I had some sort of fancy-ass header for the story posts! Anyone (named Nikki or anyone else good at graphics) willing to put something together for me? IT WOULD BE FESTIVE. AND YOU WOULD BE COMPENSATED WITH AFFECTION.

WORD OF THE DAY (That was an abrupt shift in topic, wasn't it?)

menavelings: Odd money remaining after the daily accounts are [tallied] up at a railway booking office [called overs at a banking house] usually divided amongst the clerks.

ED NOTE: I can get behind this word! WHERE THE HELL ARE MY MENAVELINGS??? Granted, I don't work at a railway booking office, but I think that's something the company I work for needs to fix, don't you?


Mind the Gap!
On this date in 1863, the first section of London's underground railway - the world's first - was inaugurated. This stretch of track linked stations between modern-day Paddington and Farringdon - a small portion of today's Circle and Hammersmith lines. Thirty thousand passengers showed up to witness this event and ride in the small, windowless carriages behind the steam engine. In the early days, first-, second-, and third-class cars carried travelers who paid sixpence, fourpence, and threepence, respectively. Trains now shuttle commuters along the Tube's ever-expanding 225 miles of rail, stopping at such colorful-sounding destinations as Cockfosters, Elephant & Castle, Mudchute, Shepherd's Bush, Chalk Farm, Burnt Oak, Swiss Cottage, Barkingside, and Tooting Broadway. Some platform safety recordings still remind riders to "mind the gap" when boarding.


*Of this year's NaNo, if you can't read back ONE FRIGGEN' POST, HOLY COW.
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Chapter 1: Pepper

Pepper was short in stature but long on luck. His tiny frame nimbly wrapped the string around the stick. Around and around and around, until it was nice and tight.

"There," he said, observing his creation with the loving look a father gives a particularly deserving son. "It's finished."

Nobody was around to show his creation to, unfortunately. That was one of the pitfalls of being a hermit. Pepper had taken up the hermit lifestyle about two days ago, when his parents had given him a particularly stern talking to about the dangers of not brushing your teeth well enough.

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