December 26th, 2007

Tree Dreaming

Notes to people

I have things to say to people, and I'm going to do it in that severely cryptic way where I make several comments that relate to someone, or, in some cases, multiple people. I'm screening comments, feel free to guess or ask about any of them. I'm not sure what spurred on the compulsion to do it this way, but I guess...I want to make public statements without specifically calling anyone out. Make sense?

Here goes:

1. Thank you for last night, these past few weeks, and every second I've known you.

2. If I lost you this time, I wouldn't be as hurt as last time, but I wish we could sit down and have a talk that doesn't involve a lot of bullshit and clear some of this air.

3. Don't give up blogging because of me. It's important to you whether you realize it or not.

4. I've missed you every day since you left. I know you're happier where you are...but I still miss you.

5. I'm incredibly glad I've met you and gotten to know you. (This applies to several people. :)

6. I wish you posted more, I always enjoy it when you do.

7. You are complete despicable scum. When she realizes that (and she will), she's going to leave you, and the sad part is, you probably won't even realize it's your fault or change at all.

8. Things will get better. Don't give up. You are important to us.

9. Leave me alone.

10. I'd drop everything for you, too, you know. Anything you need, just ask.
Tree Dreaming

An open call!

Okay, I've been getting some strange texts from someone who signs all of his missives **Da Get Away Man**.

They are confusing, and have continued even after I've texted him that he's got the wrong number. Here is the correspondence I've received thus far:

Dec. 19th, 1:44 AM:
"Iz yal sleep yet"

Dec. 19th, 10:20 AM:
"Wake da fuc ^"

Dec. 19th, 1:19 PM:
"Ol we goin home"

I sent him a text saying I think he had the wrong number, and the texts stopped for that day...but the next day, they started up again:

Dec. 20th, 11:09 AM:
"Dat hoe wuz clean but day 4got boosie n weebie"

And then, the next day:

Dec. 21st, 5:43 PM:
"Wudd we at da park wur u at"

This person is clearly a master of the English language, as well as the scholarly sort. He's confusing the hell out of me, so my solution?

Let's confuse the hell out of him.


His number is: 817-716-7675. Send him oddball texts! Call him and ask him if he's bringing Monopoly over next time he visits! It will be a fun social experiment to see how long it takes him to catch on. Post comments with your efforts, and if you get any response. And most of all, HAVE FUN! :)