December 3rd, 2007

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Time for another Thing!

Okay, so I'm finally, FINALLY going to be moving in this weekend, so I think now is as good a time as any to implement Thing #99: "Go one week without promising my time to anyone else."

It's going to happen from Sunday, December 9th, to Saturday, December 15th (evening of, as I've already sort of promised that evening to someone).

WHAT THIS MEANS: I'm not going to make ANY plans that don't already stand for this week. IE: I'm going to go to my voice lesson and stuff like that (I'm pretty sure I have a voice recital Thursday the 13th, need to e-mail the other work studies and try to get it switched...), but I'm not going to make any additional plans, even something as simple as, "We'll hang out Tuesday."

WHAT THIS DOESN'T MEAN: It DOESN'T mean I won't get bored and WANT to hang out with people. In that instance, at the time of boredom, I'll probably end up calling a buddy or two and say, "Want to hang out for a few hours?" It just won't already be on the schedule ahead of time, and I will have to eat the consequences if no one is actually available to hang out with no notice.

BASICALLY. I need a good, stress-free, lack-of-expectations sort of week ASAP, getting to know my new apartment and not having to worry that I'm letting anyone down or getting on anyone's nerves (whether or not I actually am is irrelevant, because it's the WORRY that's the problem). You're welcome to ask me if I want to do something, of course, but I'm welcome to say no and not be made to feel guilty about it for this one week. Deal? Deal.

I'm going to take the time to bathe in luxurious oatmeal baths every day, sleep naked, and slather myself in delicious Eucerin calming cream. If any of this itching is stress related, I want to eliminate as much of it as possible that week.

'KAY, public service announcement over, go back to your regularly scheduled LJ wank. (About that: Russia?? We'll see.)