November 14th, 2007

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OK, GUYS, I'm going to do something I never, ever do, so bear with me, here...I'm going to nerd about WoW.

See, last night, I finally, FINALLY completed a quest I've been aiming to finish practically since I started playing. It's a level 20 quest, I'm level 25 now, and I BEAT THAT SHIT INTO THE GROUND, and I got my cool special parade and I loved every minute of it. Yes, I could have easily finished it back at level 20 if I was willing to group? But I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate grouping, so I waited until I could do it solo. Now I'm kind of like, "What the hell do I do next?"

I liked the quests on the tiny, contained island. They were very nice! It didn't take six kerjillion years to walk to each quest spot and stuff. Now I'm doing quests in Darkshore and Auberdine and that area, and it's SOOOO BIIIIG. Walking takes FO' EVA'. And also, in a weird way, I got used to the Exodar and those islands around there being home. It still kinda feels like going "home" to go back to the Exodar to get my mage training. The other day, I was watching Jessie and Fraher play, and they were at the Exodar and I was all, "OH LOOK YOU ARE AT MY HOME." I am ridiculous.

NANO NEWS: I wrote 3,000 + words last night, hooray! If I keep up 2K a day, I should finish the story with all the chapters I want to do. BUT IT IS HARD BECAUSE I AM SO LAZY. Akldfjslakfj. I should write a crap load today. MEGAN, WE ARE WRITING A CRAP LOAD TODAY, FYI. OH HEY DO YOU WANT TO GO TO IHOP? I am suddenly craving IHop.

I also had the mad urge to listen to Glenn Beck this morning, even though all he's probably talking about is politics what with ZOMG ELECTIONS. But I went and bought a one-month insider subscription anyway (IT'S ONLY SEVEN DOLLARS. I CAN SWING THAT EVEN WITH MY NEW PURGED BUDGET.) and sure enough, it's been POLITICS POLITICS POLITICS POLITICS. It is still my Glenn, though, so I'll put up with it.