September 27th, 2007

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Suddenly curious...

I'm not sure what got me thinking about it, but I was struck with sudden curiosity: Who among you gets your comments e-mailed to you? I do, because I'm a member of tons of communities and I'd go crazy sifting through all those pages to see if anyone's commented. And also, it makes my inbox look full. :)

How about you? How do you livejournal?


Do you get your comments e-mailed to you?


Why or why not?

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Ok ok ok ok ok.....

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ETA: ALSO, out of nowhere today, I thought of my favorite level of Lemmings (Level 22, DUH), which is the best because of the MUSIC. It's the only level with that music. Naturally, I turned to youtube, which has everything one could ever want in regards to finding things you like that were watchable.

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It took a bit to find the RIGHT music, because in some versions, the music was crappy. This is the GOOD version. :)
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The Mix CD I made! It is on Sendspace!

So I took the mix cd I put together and figured out how to work sendspace! Please tell me if it doesn't work.

Here is the link to download the "album":
NOTE: A bunch of these files are .wma, so if you can't play those, don't download it! (Thanks opaleyes for pointing that out!) I'll work on re-ripping them to .mp3 this weekend and reposting. :)

And here is the album art: Collapse )

Once again, the album art is from a t-shirt made by Mr. Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics fame! I did the song titles and such in PAINT, because I don't know how to use PhotoShop. What I'm saying here is I am lame.

The music is all my favorite songs by chicks or chick-lead bands!

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ALSO ALSO ALSO: I'd be interested to know what you think of the mix, because I am like that!