September 19th, 2007

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I went and got shiny new contacts yesterday! I hadn't updated my prescription since 2005. See, this is why I will NEVER get that lasik surgery, unless a health professional tells me it is absolutely vital for me to keep living, and even then I'll get a second opinion. Because it NEVER FAILS to fascinate me how I can go from not being able to see a damn thing to being able to see EVERYTHING just by putting something over my eyes. IT'S AMAZING. The human eye is crazy amazing. You just adjust where things are reflected and BAM, blurry lines are clear.

I couldn't imagine being able to see perfectly all the time. As a kid, I used to pretend I needed glasses by blurring my eyes, putting on some "air" glasses, and un-blurring them. When I was in fifth grade, and they said that I'd probably need glasses by sixth, I couldn't WAIT.

It STILL fascinates me. In fact, I probably shouldn't drive after getting new contacts, because I nearly crashed into the car in front of me a couple times just looking at all the clearly visible things out the window.

I am perfectly happy with my crappy vision, thank you very much. You weirdos with 20/20 don't know what you're missing.