August 30th, 2007

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patrick___ posted this and I think it's a cool idea, so I'm doing it TOO! :)

The purpose of this meme is to see if any one LJer can be connected to most (if not all) of their LJ friends through real life connections. For the test to work, you and your friends, and their friends, and their friends' friends (ad infinitum) must comply with this meme. :-)

List all the LJers on your friends list you've actually met in "real life" before. Post this on your own LiveJournal, and ask all of your friends to do it as well.

LJers I've met:
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In other news, perhaps you were confused by my post yesterday! Basically, I hadn't been by Jim & Jessie's in over a week, for one reason or another. I was starting to feel guilty because I hadn't been by, so I sent an e-mail telling them what was going on with me etc. etc. etc. I got a response back saying that Jim was in the hospital for heart inflammation, and that was about all it said. So of course the guilt monkeys started eating me ALIVE, as if my not being there caused the hospital stay (which I knew LOGICALLY wasn't the case), and then I felt even worse because I didn't really want to go over there now, what with the sure-to-be sky high stress levels (on top of the hospitalization, school started for both the girls and the adults, and they're trying to find Griffin a car).

But I went over there yesterday and realized immediately that I am a moron, that they don't really expect anything of me, and they understood I had a lot of crap going on that prevented me from visiting. Jessie was vegging out and watching season one of Heroes, so I watched with her and got good and hooked. I'll probably borrow it from them when I get an apartment again.

So, NOW YOU KNOW. I am just a panicky dope, is what it amounts to.