August 27th, 2007

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"Today in my lj history" dump

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Weekend of NOTHING.

This weekend I got to stay at Jesso's apartment and guess what I did? If you said "ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WHATSOEVER," you're almost correct! I did, technically, do some stuff. I knitted a lot, and I watched the entirety of Wonderfalls for the first time ever, but other than that, it was sleeping, eating and sitting on my ass!


Next weekend is a three-day weekend. I'm pretty excited about that.

In two more paychecks I should be able to attempt to pay off my old apartment complex! (YAY!) I'm going to try bringing them about $200 less than I owe, but in CASH, and saying, "Dudes, here is all this sweet sweet cash monies. Will you write off the rest of my debt? And totally write down in writing that I paid you?

If they won't do that, then it'll be another three paychecks before I can pay 'em off.

But we get paid tomorrow, so that's one check out of the way! And plus tomorrow after we get paid I can register for PORTUS. WHOOOOOOOO!!! Nikki's already registered, that brazen hussy. Now I can't back out anymore. SHOOT.

Welp, I need to do some hardkore budgeting before I get my new check tomorrow, so I can make sure I'm still on track. HERE I GOES.