July 30th, 2007

Teens in suits

Well, State Meet is over....

...and who am I kidding. Of course I'm going to do this again next year. State Meet is the best part of the entire year. Four days of rushing, waiting, cheering, laughing, exhaustion, disappointment, excitement, sheer joy at watching these kids use everything you've just spent the past two months teaching them in one great burst of energy. Nothing could be more rewarding.

Coming back in to work today, with nothing to greet me at my desk but a pile of papers...no heat sheet to peruse, no kids to check in, no events to wait for, no times to track, no swimmers to cheer for, no medals to pick up...I can't imagine not having that to look forward to next year.

It's not the coaching that drives me up the wall, it's dealing with the crap the YMCA doles out during the re-hire process. But once I'm on that deck, it's all about the kids. It's all about the meet. I can honestly say I love that job. Letting Henry try his hand at head coach only showed me how much I don't want him to take over. I love coaching with him, and I think once he grows up a little bit he will be an amazing coach, but I'm not ready to hand this team off to him just yet.

Plus, there were so many new, awesome kids this year and I can't stand the idea of not watching them progress, grow up, see where they go with their swimming. I've had kids come in to practice their first day, barely able to make it across the pool, and a few years later they walk in to practice telling me they've joined their high school swim team. It makes you feel proud. I don't need any kids, I've got twenty-two of them that visit me every summer.

So, yeah, that's one thing off my list that I'll have to revise (#94), but honestly, I always felt a bit dubious having something so negative on there. It seems like the list should be a list of things to DO, not things to NOT do. So I don't feel too bad throwing that one out the window.