July 16th, 2007

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Weekend was busy. It started off with City Meet, which I was late for despite meticulously setting my alarms to wake me up on time. What I failed to change was the bit that said "Mon-Fri". OOPS. Luckily my internal clock went off at 6:30 and said, "Hey, aren't you supposed to be awake by now?"

City Meet was long and exhausting, as usual. But it wasn't as bad as last year, where none of my favorite kiddos were there. Henry was at freaking camp, so I could have killed him for that, but it went well anyway. Alan was a lifesaver on several occasions. And we got fourth out of the seven teams that swam! That is good for us, we usually come in last or second to last because of how small we are. So we beat three teams. :)

Then Clarice, an old friend of the family, came to visit and we amused ourselves by watching School of Rock and playing Apples to Apples until the wee hours of morning, where I crashed like crazy.

I had to wake up early (for a Sunday) and go to Public Storage to get signed up for a storage unit, so that I only have to pay about fifty bucks a month instead of $150 while I'm saving to pay off my old apartment. I've never had a storage shed before, it's very exciting! And ugly, kind of.

Then last night Jim and Jessie had a barbecue, which was full of DELICIOUS and yum yum. Then off to Jeffrey's to crash for the night.

I wish I had some amusing anecdotes to share but I really don't. I AM ANECDOTELESS. Maybe tomorrow. See my historical entries for some more interesting posts.

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