July 12th, 2007

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Saw Harry Potter again last night, and there was something I meant to say that I totally forgot about!

You know that part in Wizard People Dear Reader where it says, "Now imagine a music, dear readers, heavy with cellos at a rapid staccato. Cellos held between thighs in a dark room."

THAT'S TOTALLY WHAT WAS GOING ON WHEN THEY WALKED INTO THE MINISTRY AT THE END. The first time I saw it, I heard the dang cellos at what can only be described as a rapid staccato, and I nearly lost it because I was thinking of Mr. Brad Neely's bizarre voice narrating away. It just made me sad that he's only done this for one movie. WE WANT MORE, MR. NEELY, MORE MORE MORE!!!

Today in my lj history...nothing again. It's almost as if I'm unspeakably busy during the summer!