June 22nd, 2007

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That Zombie song

So if you haven't heard the new cover of Zombie (confirmed, it was originally by the Cranberries!), you can listen to it at the band's myspace page. Yes, my fingers are igniting in flames as I link to...that website on my journal, but it's worth it for this song.

The band is called Miser, and I haven't really listened to any of the other stuff on the page, because when I found it I was at Jesso's putting mad music on my iPod, but I LOVE the Zombie song. AND NOW YOU CAN, TOO. Or die trying.

Hahaha, so I can't remember if I posted about how thrilled I was by the fact that there will actually be no swim meet the weekend Harry Potter comes out, so I can actually stay up and read the book?

Well, yesterday, Henry came into swim practice and we exchanged the following words:

Henry: So, you know how the Benbrook meet was cancelled last week?

Me: Yeah?

Henry: Yeah, they rescheduled the meet.

Me: Oh?

Henry: For July 21st.

*a beat*

Me: Well, I'm not going.

AND I'M NOT, YOU GUYS! We totally time-trialed the kids already for the missed meet, nobody's in danger of not making the required three for state, and maybe I'm the stupidest person alive for skipping out on my job to read a book, but screw them. We've always kind of had this bizarre rivalry with the Benbrook Y, and I'll be damned if they're screwing me out of my Harry Potter. Henry said that even if he goes to the meet, he's still going to stay up all night reading the book. I love him so much. :)

Also, PERMANENT ACCOUNTS ARE ON SALE NOW. Here's hoping I get a check from the Y, otherwise getting one will prove somewhat difficult! I wrote the following note for Henry to take with him to the Y tomorrow (it was joint effort on our part coming up with the wording):

"To whom it may concern: I, Jessica Wagstrom, heretofore bequeath Henry J. Strittmatter to pick up and sign for my paycheck. Sincerely, (my signature)"

We thought it would be funny to say "Most Regrettably" instead of "Sincerely", or, "We regret to inform you" at the beginning. I'm not sure if we used the word "bequeath" correctly, but we thought it was hilarious to include. Henry came up with the "heretofore" part. On re-reading, I think I should have included "of sound mind and body" after my name, but life is full of regrets.

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Permanent account: $150
Fixing my iPod: $116
Number of other purchases I'll be making over $100 for the next six months: ZERO.

I was going to wait until I got a new check, but fuck it, I have the money now, and I'd rather buy when $25 of it goes to charity, it almost makes it feel cheaper that way.

My shiny new permanent account will have paid for itself by: Saturday, December 27, 2014!

I would like to give awesome big shoutouts to wickedsin who has supported my paid account for a good chunk of months now. *hugs* And also all the people at Hogwarts Elite that got me cool paid time and userpics and spoiled me rotten and started this whole "paid account" thing. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND YOU ARE AWESOME.

My paid time expired recently, so I didn't have any extra to pass on, but know that if I did, it would have gone to you.

That's another thing off my list!
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(no subject)

Ok, so it turns out I'm the only human being alive who likes the Zombie cover. THAT IS OKAY. I AM USED TO BEING THE ONLY HUMAN BEING ALIVE TO LIKE CERTAIN MUSIC.

In other news, I've got a swim meet tomorrow morning and I'm working the showroom all day Sunday, so I'm gonna get updated on the lj history thing RIGHT NOWXORS.

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Oh, livejournal, you are permanent now. *pets*