June 15th, 2007

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Dreams, Sleep, or lack thereof

So the itching is getting better, but I'm still having trouble sleeping. It is so incredibly OBNOXIOUS to be tossing and turning the entire night, knowing every so often you're catching some bits of sleep (because you can remember dreams), you just have no idea when it was, and then you look at your window, and you see the sun coming up, and you realize your alarm is about to go off, and you don't feel like you've even fallen asleep yet, and so the most sleep you could possibly get is maybe half an hour?


Ready for that to stop.

However, the dreams I am having are INCREDIBLY vivid. Somewhere in the three winks of sleep I got last night, I had a dream about The Boy. Very vivid. Very weird, because there wasn't anything particularly random about it like there usually are in my dreams. We just had a conversation, the conversation I keep wanting to have with him, and it had a distinct beginning, middle, and end. Not all chopped up like dreams normally are, not cut off mid-thought like dreams usually are. Needless to say, when I woke up afterwards, I was in a bit of a funk (and still am, kind of) because it wasn't real.

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MEME TEXT: I want to have a complete soundtrack with one song from each of my friends. I'm going to upload them and make a "Flist Soundtrack" playlist with notes of what songs belongs to who. It can be your favorite song in the whole world, a recent favorite or just a song that you think really identifies you.

HOUSE RULES: (IE: crap I added) If you want to list two songs, you can. I'd prefer stuff I've never heard of that MEANS SOMETHING AWESOME TO YOU. Like, it was your favorite song when you were twelve. Or something cool like that. WRITE AS MUCH AS YOU THINK IS COOL ABOUT YOUR SONGS BECAUSE I AM INTERESTED.

I AM ALL ABOUT THE MIX CDS RIGHT NOW. Once I figure out why my computer isn't burning cds I've totally got a mix cd project cooking. I want to actually burn a bunch of them first, since historically I never bothered to actually make the mix cds.