May 10th, 2007

Tree Dreaming


So, I didn't vote for a single one of the contestants this week. Why? BECAUSE I COULDN'T FUCKING CHOOSE. I love Melinda, but I love the others SOOOOOOO MUCH that I couldn't vote for her at the expense of the others. I didn't want ANY of them to go home. Once Chris and Phil were gone, all that was left were TEH AWSMXORS.

They were SOOOOOOOO FRIGGEN' ADORABLE all huddled up on stage last night. I wanted to HUG THEM ALL. When Lakisha and Blake were standing there, I was so sure it was going to be Blake going home, because he didn't do his tops on Tuesday, but I didn't want Lakisha to go home instead! I wanted them both to staaaaaaaaaaaay! I hate it when it gets this close to the end. Although last year, I think I was ok with there being six American Idols? This year I'm only ok with there being four. BUT I MISS LAKISHA SHE WAS SO...LAKISHA-ISH.

You know?
Tree Dreaming

Amber Alert

There is an Amber Alert out from Paris, Texas police for 12-year old Alyssa Ann Frasier, white, 4’8”, 138 lbs, brown hair, hazel eyes. She was taken by suspect 24-year old William (didn’t get last name). She’s suspected to be in a motel in the Dallas area. (Also suspected in Plano area.) If you have any information, contact Paris police at 903-784-6688. Thank you.