March 16th, 2007

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This will be my last post about yoga for a while?

So I was reading through someone's journal they kept during teacher training, and came across the following description of my precious Bikram yoga:

"Bikram Yoga: Hot, Sweaty, Vigorous Yoga without the Bullshit"

If I ever have a Bikram Yoga studio, that's going to be my theme. All the yoga studios around here try to zen everyone out with Om symbols everywhere or inspirational words like "Breathe" and "Calm" painted on the walls. My studio would have ROCK MUSIC playing in the lobby, and all kinds of hard-core stuff like...things I haven't thought of yet.

And the above phrase painted on the walls.

And probably T-Rex too.

(Not that I'm going to have a yoga studio anytime soon, if ever.)