January 8th, 2007

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Apocalypse-Turned-Legacy Challenge: The Screwed Family

So a while back, I posted about my attempt to start a new Apocalypse challenge with my beloved Totally Screwed. I gave up when Totally's life was looking so bleak and pointless that she was going to age transition and live for two days because of how miserable she was. I didn't want to see her go down like that, and I wanted to see her kid grow up happy, because the poor thing's a mutant anyway, she doesn't NEED the apocalypse torturing her once the kids at school get a good look. So I converted it mid-challenge into a legacy challenge. I've still followed all the rules, but I had to cheat for money once because if I didn't they would have starved to death, so that's minus one legacy point. But anyway, ON WITH THE PICSPAM WOOOOOOOO!!!

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