September 27th, 2006

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So it appears that I have three new best friends, and they are naiad_kitty, weasley_hobbit, and sra33, the only people who understand my natural aversion to cleanliness. Screw the rest of you*.

To make you all suffer, HERE IS THE MOST RECENT GLENN BECK NEWSLETTER. He has to throw a pitch at a baseball game! It is very exciting because he is a fat fat fattie!

California Dreamin' by Glenn Beck

I’m terrified.

Now, I could easily utter those two words at the beginning of any day with the world, well, you know—almost over and everything. Plus, I’ve been looking at early tapes of the TV show and it appears that my wardrobe was being provided by Barnum and Bailey (I thought I looked…stylish?). But that’s not why I’m terrified.

I’m scared because I have to throw a ball.

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*I kid, I totally love you all, I just think you guys have an inflated idea of what qualifies as "hygenic", "important" and "mannerly". WHATEVER.