May 4th, 2006

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Day 4 of HELL (aka DEATH)

Yesterday's total: 7,167. First time since Sunday I made it to the required 7,143 daily goal! Very excited about that. I'm ahead enough at this point that I only need to write 6,500 words per day (I say "only", HAHAHAHAHA) to finish on time. And that's good, because the next two days are gonna be CHOCK FULL of distractions. Tonight! We are going to the Ridglea for open mike night and I have no idea why Jessica is not being firm with me and telling me to not go because I have NO CLUE when I'm going to get 6,500 words squeezed in during these plans.

Tomorrow is Jim's birthday, which means that I HAVE to a) get him something and b) go over to the house and eat celebratory cake and stuff, it would be unbelievably bitchy of me to be all, "Oh, you know, happy birthday and all, but I'm writing a very important novel." Plus he has weapons. So I'm probably going to do my best to force myself to write right when I get home from work, instead of taking an hour or so to unwind like I usually do. That's the price you pay, I guess, for STUPID WRITING ENDEAVORS.

And Saturday? Well, let's put it this way: If I don't finish the novel at work? (and I BETTER finish the novel at work), then I will be hard pressed to squeeze it into the rest of the day, because Saturdays are actually the BUSIEST day of my week.

Observe the schedule:

9 AM - 1 PM: Work.

1 PM - 2 PM: Grab lunch, deposit paycheck if not already done, drive to north Ft. Worth.

2 PM - 3ish PM: Voice.

3 PM to some indeterminant time: Hang out with family, who just moved to north Ft. Worth, making Saturday the ONLY day I can really see them without wasting an enormous amount of gas, since I'm out there for voice anyway. Do my best to get away before seven or eight.

REST OF THE NIGHT: (typical Saturday) Go hang out with friends until the wee hours of the morning, revelling in the fact that I DON'T DO JACK the next day.

REST OF THE NIGHT: (this Saturday): Attempt to make it to the dual birthday party thing that Jessie is probably throwing for me and Jim, since Jim's birthday is Friday and my birthday is Sunday, not that I'm hinting at or reminding anyone of anything, before everyone gets tired and goes home.

Then party the rest of the night (party could mean anything from watching movies and falling asleep on the couch to dancing drunkedly (off Dr. Pepper) in the living room until 4 AM), revelling in the fact that I DON'T DO JACK the next day, plus it's my birthday, plus I'm DONE WITH MY THIRD FRIGGEN' BOOK AND AM NEVER WRITING ANOTHER ONE

I actually really hate Saturdays. They seem like the longest day of the week where my time is so spread out that I feel like I'm just rushing from one thing to the next with no real time to sit and relax. Sundays, however, are the ONLY DAY OF THE WEEK where I don't have any responsibilities whatsoever. Which is why I hate it if I have to get
up earlier than noon for any reason on Sunday.

BUT THIS SUNDAY IS MY BIRTHDAY. I will sleep the whole dang DAY if I want to, bitches, TRY AND STOP ME. (I probably won't. What I'll do instead is refuse to leave the company of any friends that are willing to hang out with me, because I have this thing where I HATE to be alone on my birthday. Seriously. It freaks me out every time. If
I'm alone for any reason on my birthday? I cry. Don't know why. I try to sit there and be rational and go, "There's no reason for you to be crying, you know, this is irrational" and then I give up and go find someone else to hang out with. This was a really long parenthetical statement, I apologize.)


1. Glenn's wife had a baby this weekend! Cheyenne Grace Beck. SHE IS ADORABLE, even though he spent the first hour of the show talking about how she looks like his grandmother.

2. Monday, May 8th (which I'm taking off from work for my FRIGGEN' BIRTHDAY, yeah, I'm that kind of person, DEAL WITH IT), Glenn's TELEVISION SHOW on Headline News premiers! Now you jerks have NO REASON to not at least occaionally poke your head in and go, "Oh, okay, so THAT'S that Glenn Beck person she's always babbling about." Try it. YOU'LL LIKE IT. Maybe.

OH YEAH AMERICAN IDOL: I don't know what I'm going to do with myself for the next four weeks. It was HORRIBLE for me to watch Paris get voted off when she has such an AMAZING voice, but I wouldn't have wanted any of the rest of them to go, either! And this is probably what I'll be saying for the next four updates as well. I LOVE THEM ALL OH MAN. *fake group American Idol hugs*

Man, I'm sorry this post is so long.