March 28th, 2006



So my boss finally wised up and blocked livejournal from sites I can visit at work.


Ah, well, with my internet time cut down to one hour a day, gmail working intermitantly anyway, and livejournal blocked, the time I have to spend online has become very very small and very very precious! I REALLY NEED THE INTERNET AT HOME. OH MY GOD. I MEAN SERIOUSLY.

NERDINESS UPDATE: I did not go trek eight billion miles to see Will Makar this weekend. I decided, instead, to sleep in. I fail at life. But I win at sleep!

SICKNESS UPDATE: Despite this extensive amount of sleep, I seem to have gotten sick! Yesterday I threw up for the first time in about three or four years! Very exciting stuff. Today my throat is really sore, and I'm sneezing and coughing like mad. And my nose is kinda runny. I've been getting a lot of sore throats lately. I'm worried that it might be my insanely overgrown tonsils, which I've been very proud of because they always make doctors that look in my throat go, "DAMN, you've got big tonsils!" yet I've never had to have removed. I'm sure not getting them removed won't really kill me, just leave me with a lot of sore throats, but it would be nice to not have so many sore throats so that I could sing with more predictability. THAT WOULD BE KEEN. What with practicing for American Idol and all. Also, I should probably stop hanging out with smokers so much. But it's HARD because they are my FRIENDS. Alkdjfldkjalkdf, damn you, second hand smoke, and your throat injuring properties!!

AMERICAN IDOL UPDATE: Nothing, really. It is on tonight. That is pretty sweet. I am totally pumped.
Tree Dreaming

Requisite AI Nerding

Chris proved tonight why he is going to win. I'm sorry, Simon, that you don't think Creed belongs on American Idol. I think you are wrong. I think Creed is EXACTLY what American Idol needs, and exactly what Chris does best. And exactly what I'd hope an album from him would sound like. I have to say that I didn't start out a Chris fan, but he has won me over. He sings music I like to listen to, his voice is perfect for the style, and he looks and sounds as if he's a professional who has been doing this for years. Even when he starts out kinda slow, like last week, he always pulls it out of the park and ends up sounding AMAZING. And tonight, he was just all out great.

Of course, it helps that I really like that song, but I think he did it even better than Stapp. Really. I am jumping aboard team Chris.

Other than that: Stand out performances for me were Paris, Taylor and Elliot. Paris really impressed me tonight! Another one who hadn't really done much for me all season, she really owned her song tonight, and did an amazing job with Beyonce, an artist that could have really been screwed up badly. Taylor sounded great as usual, and Elliot consistantly impresses :)

Katherine was not on her game tonight. I think she could have owned that song, she has the voice for it, but she wasn't being herself. She was trying too hard to be Christina. She should have just been Katherine and she would have been amazing. The judges, of course, didn't notice anything was amiss, but then again, they're pushing for her to win, aren't they?

Lisa, Kellie, Ace, you all did meh. Ace, you know what I think of you. Kellie, I'm getting sick of you. Lisa, I like you, but you didn't do that song justice. Another example of trying to hard to be the artist and not being yourself. I think Paula nailed it with you tonight, and I think we're gonna say goodbye to you tomorrow.

Still miss Will. Can someone make me a "Will Makar is Love" bar? That'd be neat :)