March 1st, 2006

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I've developed a sort of Stockholm Syndrome-esque love of Texas. I've lived here since I was three, I'm now 21, and until this past summer, I completely hated it and desperately wanted to move somewhere up north and never ever come back.

Then, this summer, we went on our usual trip to visit my Grampa, and when we came back, I noticed something.

I had missed Texas.

I had missed seeing the skyline of Dallas coming into view and knowing that it meant I was almost home. I had missed the akward, randomly barren, randomly woodsy terrain. I had missed all the buildings and stuff that I see every day.

And this past cold spell? The cold spells I usually ADORE and never want to go away? I found myself longing for the triple-digit Texas summer that I know is coming.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?? It's taken me eighteen years to finally realize I actually love it here, and don't want to leave. I attribute this to being stuck here with no escape for so long that the whole place, stupid, cracked-out weather included, has become like a huge, familiar security blanket. I don't know what I'd do with myself if I moved to a place where the weather was actually consistent from day to day. Or where there weren't the occasional stupid references to rodeos and longhorns and stuff.

So, yep, this is my official declaration: I love ya, Texas, and I don't plan on leaving you any time soon, if ever.
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It is awesome having Flyleaf on my iPod.

And having my iPod at work.

OH, HEY, I didn't nerd about American Idol last night, man, what is wrong with me? Girls sang. They were good. DAMN IT I FORGOT TO VOTE FOR MELISSA. But she was my favorite again. Katherine McPhee, while adorable, was not as good as she usually was. Probably too much time goofing off with Kellie Pickler and not enough practice? Hmmmm? Everyone seemed to pick slow boring songs last night. HOW BORING.

I can't wait to see my babies (aka Taylor Hicks and Will Makar) perform tonight! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
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(no subject)

That's it. I'm going to stop not trying to have a creepy crush on Will Makar because it isn't working. Let's add another tick to the "Chewbob is probably a pedophile" check list.