February 15th, 2006

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More novelling! I should really stop doing this to myself!

Okay. So, I was a little bit daunted by the fact that I've taken on the task of writing another 50,000 word novel for the craft_olympics, which means a novel in 16 days as opposed to 30.

Today, though, I decided to take a good look at my NaNoWriMo stats and see how long it took me to actually write THAT book. I knew that I started late, and managed to finish early, but what I didn't realize is that from when I started writing and when I finished writing?

17 days.

And if I don't count days where I was lazy and didn't write a damn thing?

I wrote that freaking book in 12 days.

Now, when you read it, I think that is glaringly obvious, but it does give me a lot of hope! Especially since, compared to where I was on my fifth day of actual writing for NaNoWriMo, I'm AHEAD.

Here's a cool table I made to show the comparison of everything!

EDIT: I've been making updates daily, and putting the winning word count for the day in blue. My goal is to get to at least where I was in my NaNo for the rest of the time, but I need to get a little bit ahead since I have one less day to do it in.

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I have recently been thinking about how amazing the internet is, and how one of the best things about it is those great, bizzare videos that everyone seems to have seen! But some people have NOT seen them, even though they seem to be EVERYWHERE!

So, here's an exciting poll I've made up about THAT VERY THING.

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