December 21st, 2005

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You know what I think would be a cool feature for them to implement when they make Sims 3? Something I just thought up called "autoplay".

Consider this scenario: You've created a family. Let's call them Family 1. You play with them for a little bit. You create another family. Let's call them Family 2. You'd like members of Family 2 to interact with, perhaps romantically, Family 1. However, while you're busy playing with Family 2, Family 1 stays locked in time, never aging. This makes playing two families and trying to get them to grow up at the same time take FOREVER.

Enter "autoplay". You play Family 1 a bit to give them their bearings, then ask Sims 3 to put this family on "autoplay". While on "autoplay", Family 1 continues to age, interact with each other, all that good stuff, as if someone were sitting there actively playing with them. That way, once Family 2 member ages from teenagerhood to adulthood, his love from Family 1 is ready to do the same, and they can move in together!

Other exiciting things that would be cool about "autoplay": If families could continue to have babies, move characters in and out, and aquire and quit jobs while on "autoplay". Imagine how much fun it would be to do a Legacy Challenge where all of the non-heirs can move out, yet continue to age and live their lives, so that the original Legacy family could have lots of relatives! I think that would be awesome.

"Autoplay" would, of course, be an optional feature, as there are drawbacks to it. Such as, your Sims running off and totally messing up your carefully laid plans while on "autoplay". But I think it would be a totally badass feature that would make gameplay a lot more interesting.

It's too bad I'm not programming for Sims 3.
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Okay, so there's this song, right? And I love it a lot and it's totally awesome. Well, I've been wondering what the crap it's called for, like, the past three years. I found out after about the first year that it was by a band called Faith No More. Every so often, I'd hear it on the radio, and they'd never say what it was. Or they'd just say it was by Faith No More.

One day, about six months ago, I was listening to the radio, and this song came on the three o'clock threesome on my local radio station, which is a contest where they play three songs and you have to figure out the theme of them. They ALWAYS say the name and the artist of every song. So I was really, really excited to finally find out what the name of it was.

BUT. Right as the song ended, my car stalled out. Hurriedly, I restarted it...but when the radio came back on I had JUST MISSED IT.

Plus I was going to work and I couldn't listen to hear if they'd say the name again. I tried to call in but I couldn't get through.

Well, today, Jessie, my good buddy, said, "Oh, by the way, I found out the title of that Faith No More song."

I said, "REALLY?"

She said, "Yes."

I said, "WHAT IS IT???"

She said...Collapse )