December 7th, 2005

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Rook out! It is....Greeeeeeeeenn Beck!

I realize it looks like that says "Green Beck". But it does not, it says "Glenn Beck" with the "l" replaced with an "r".

So yesterday, my mom and I were retarded and drove to San Antonio to see Glenn Beck's Christmas show, and then drove back that night.

For those of you who don't live in Texas? That's a five hour drive. One way.

BUT WAS IT WORTH IT??? HELL YES. The show was awesome and hilarious and I love Glenn Beck and also I got an AUTOGRAPHED COPY OF FUSION MAGAZINE. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Hooray for me!

There was a bit at the end where it got kinda cheesy and conservative, but I could forgive that because of the great story he told about his step mother who sawed the arm off of the couch because it was blocking her view of the TV.

In conclusion, I love everything.

ALSO: Man, LJ finally decided to e-mail me all the comments I haven't received for the past few weeks. THANKS, LJ!!!