November 23rd, 2005

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NaNoing at work. It's okay, Chris Baty said I could.

Wow! I actually thought of a direction for my novel to go in that will actually bring it all into a nice, neat little whosimawassis or something, and make it all kind of seem like a book instead of a random collection of nonsense! And it only took me 32,549 words to figure it out.

Oh, Chris Baty, you were right all along!

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Ball Lickers

Come on, dudes, ONE OF YOU has to have eaten this stuff.

Okay, I spent the greater part of my life absolutely convinced that the dessert I'm about to describe is, like, a CLASSIC Thanksgiving dessert that BILLIONS of Americans all across the world consume on the last Thursday of November.

I only found out in recent years that I am apparently the ONLY person who's ever heard of it, and even my stepdad's relatives in Missouri who make it year after year for Thanksgiving probably don't really know it exists. But I'm convinced that these people can't be the ONLY ones who eat it, as it seems such an appropriate thing to eat on Thanksgiving!

I don't even know what it's called. Usually when I describe it to people, I say, "That dessert that's like, a layer of crumbled pie crust, a layer of sliced cranberry sauce, a layer of whipped cream, all the way up until the bowl is full. You know." Then they just stare at me blankly as if to say, "No, man, I DON'T know, you just pulled that concoction out of your ass."

I've made up a picture of what it kind of looks like in paint, although I think I did a better job of portraying what a meat sandwich shoved in a bowl looks like, but I promise, the brown stuff is pie crust crumble, the purple stuff is sliced cranberry sauce, and the whitish stuff is whipped cream:

Surely SOMEBODY out there in radio land has heard of this stuff. Anyone? Maybe Steve, with your crazy Canadian Tomato Soup Cake concoction, maybe you've eaten this delight? Perhaps there's some Missourian on my friend's list going, "YES, this is our NATIVE DESSERT, how could anyone NOT eat this on Thanksgiving???"

Even if none of you jerks has heard of it, I encourage each and every one of you to try it this Thanksgiving. I mean, come on, cranberry sauce? Pie crust? WHIPPED CREAM?? These are all, like, classic Thanksgivingy dessert things, it ONLY MAKES SENSE TO COMBINE THEM, and it's easy enough to make. Just layer like crazy. No baking required.

PLUS, IT IS DELICIOUS. Back me up here. Somebody. Please?

Does this work on LJ too?

Answer: YES! This cool graphic thingy changes as I write more. AWESOME FOR STUFF.

ALSO: I changed my novel title to Why You Should Never Trust a Man: A Memoir because it's not about trusting men, nor is it a memoir.
Teh Office - Trifling Matter

I just saw a movie.

I just got back from the movie version of RENT. There's a lot of complaining behind the cut, so TREAD WITH CAUTION.

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All that said, I still bawled like a little baby, if not for what was happening on the screen than just for the story in general. It gets me every damn time. And I've really wanted to just sit there and cry buckets'o'tears at a movie for a while, and I haven't found the right one (even What Dreams May Come didn't do it for me the fourth time around, WHAT GIVES???), so I think I'll probably go see this again and maybe drag Jessie along with me.

It was a good time, all the "hits" were in there in full glory, and since it was mostly the original cast, I didn't have to deal with new people mucking it all up. That was a plus.