November 18th, 2005



ASLKFJDLKFJLAKJSFLKSJFDLKFJLFK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS SUPER AMAZINGLY AWESOME. I am also super amazingly tired right now, but it was SO WORTH IT. OH MY GOD.

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There are lots of other things that were awesome, but I can't remember them all. Suffice it to say that it was pretty badass.

I refuse to gripe about anything in the movie, because, dudes? It was a 700+ PAGE BOOK. Yeah, they were gonna take liberties with stuff, and even doing so, it was a near three hour movie. Also, everything gripable will probably be griped about by other people, and I enjoyed it so much that the gripable things paled in comparison to the AWESOME THINGS, of which there were many. HUZZAH!!!!!! YAY FOR GOBLET OF FIRE!!!!!!! THANKS FOR NOT SUCKING!!!!!!!!!!
Tree Dreaming

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Still reeling from the hotness that was Goblet of Fire, I went and yoinked a bunch of H/Hr icons from Noah's comm last5. Now my soul yearns for more movies so we can have more screen caps and R/Hr shippers can go, "Man, WTF?"
Tree Dreaming

Oh and also:

I've got a bright and shiny Dr. Who scarf that I made for Drew, but then he left. If any of you people want it, I'm selling it for $50 (which I feel is a reasonable price because it's hand-knit and FREAKING HUGE). I can provide pictures if anyone wants to see it!
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Is anyone maybe going to be in or around Dallas next Tuesday? The following record store is selling the new Flyleaf cd for $1.02 that day, which is too cheap to NOT buy. The address of the place is:

Good Records
617 N. Good Latimer
Dallas, TX

Or, would anyone just want to drive me to Dallas to buy it? Yes? No? Maybe?