October 28th, 2005

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I've gotten in the habit of counting how much time I have left at work by figuring about how many songs have to play on the radio before it's time to go. I estimate 3 minutes as song, and commercial breaks count as "songs". It's fun because I'll figure it out and then write down the number, then sit there marking tally marks for each song, and I doubt the boss man really knows what I'm doing.

Right now there's about 57 songs left before I can go home. HOOOOOOOOOOME.
Teens in suits


So I just talked to Tom at the Y and he said that there's no way we can do year-round swim team without losing money, meaning they don't want to do it. Granted, right now there's only one kid on the team, but it pisses me off because we've ALWAYS had the summer swim team, and they don't promote it AT ALL. I mean, AT ALL at all. When I was teaching lessons in the summer, I used to always tell the parents of the decent swimmers that they should think of joining swim team, and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM went, "I didn't know you had a swim team!"


We'd have a KICK ASS swim team if people KNEW about it. And I was the only one telling people from lessons about swim team because I was the dang COACH. I think next year, I'm going to go up to the Y on the last day of every lessons session and hand out pamphlets for swim team, so maybe Ron can see that YES, people are interested in it, and YES, we have some good swimmers, and HOLY CRAP, WE BROUGHT BACK A FUCKING PLAQUE FROM STATE MEET THIS SUMMER. MAYBE YOU COULD, I DON'T KNOW, RECOGNIZE THAT WE EXIST?????? THANKS.