October 19th, 2005

Melora is pretty

Requestin' Icons

I just hunted myself down a nice Rasputina icon. I figure I need more icons, since I can have 100 and I only have...um...22.

Anyway, I'm crappy at making icons. So...if you want to make me one? I'll totally credit you. (I did this once in the Hufflepuff common room and it was fun and I got some fun icons, so I'm doing it here in the regular journal-y part of my journal.)

Here is some stuff that would be cool on icons:
1. Bif Naked
2. Aerosmith
3. The Princess Bride, quotes/images from
4. This awesome picture of me
5. Rasputina
6. Korn
7. Corsets
8. Donnie Darko, quotes/images from
9. Kevin Smith, any movie (EXCEPT JERSEY GIRL OH MY GOD.)
10. Joss Whedon = God
11. Almost Famous, quotes/images from
12. Random images with quotes from Babymimi fanfic
13. Dance Dance Revolution

Or if you think there is an icon I need that I don't have, feel free to make one just 'cause. JUST 'CAUSE I'M AWESOME.

I'll be expecting my nerd award in the mail any day now.

Obviously I'm really bored. And thinking about DDR. (I don't think I ever REALLY stop thinking about DDR, really.) I was thinking about how a long time ago (read: two months), it seemed impossible to even think of clearing 5- and 6-footers, and these days I'm getting to where I can clear most 8-footers. But I have barely scratched the surface when it comes to even attempting all the songs in the game! I am a wuss who sticks myself in ruts of songs I know I can pass. I try to pick different songs, but I usually give up and go to one I know. And I LIKE to think that I have a pretty wide variety of "rut songs", but that is CRAP.


I went to DDR Freak and found the foot level of every song on DDR Extreme (my DDR of choice), and made myself a checklist for the 6-footers and up. I haven't filled it out yet, I'll do that the next time I go to play. This will also force me to expand my DDRing horizons, because I love to check stuff off and fill stuff in. Look, I've reproduced the checklists (that I made in excel for copying and pasting ease) in table form for YOU, the potential DDR playing audience at home! Say it with me now: "NEEEEEEEEEERD."

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