October 12th, 2005

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Zodiac stuff

So I've been thinking about Zodiac signs and how they actually affect the type of person someone is. I don't believe everything that is said about a sign is 100% true, because people are different. But I have found that if I know someone's zodiac sign, and I know a little about it, it helps me relate to the person better because I kind of know where they're coming from.

Some phenomenon I've noticed regarding me:
I'm a Taurus, and I tend to get along really well with other Tauruses. I also tend to be friends with Geminis and Aquariuses, so these are the three signs that I am most comfortable with and know the most about.

I hardly know any water signs, nor do I know much about them.

"Jess, that is wonderful, but what is the point of this post?"

Well, I usually can't learn anything about a certain zodiac sign if I don't actually KNOW a person who is that sign. So, what I'm going to do is put some zodiac descriptions under a cut. Find yours, read it, and then comment with your sign and what you felt was true about your sign description and what wasn't. If you know other stuff about your sign that you feel relates to you, please share it!

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I've gotten to the point where I can occasionally pick up on if someone's a Taurus, Aquarius or Gemini. But since I don't know much about the other signs, it's hard to pick up on the rest of the population. This'd help me out a lot!

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Okay, I've decided I'm going to save up for a corset, and possibly beg for money for one. this one is pretty much exactly what I want, and it's the cheapest on that website as well (for an overbust, anyway. I don't want an underbust.) It's $310, which isn't bad, I was looking at some corsets today that were $500+.

I was going to try making my own, but if I'm going to have one I want a real one that will actually fit me correctly and be exactly what I want. I think that's worth the extra money.