October 10th, 2005

Hufflepuff Banner


So, I've been lurking around the Hufflepuff common room of H_E, waiting to see who's gonna get the new prefect position, and I saw this:

Current point standings:
Hufflepuff: 20047
Ravenclaw: 13807
Gryffindor: 12897
Slytherin: 8537

BAD ASS!!!!!!! I am so, so proud of all of my Puffs :) It makes me really happy to see that they're taking advantage of their Puffly nature and working their butts off. This is so incredible. When I joined the community, we were nearly in last place, and now it looks like they're poised to win the house cup again. So, to all you Puff that are reading this right now, I may not be your prefect at the moment, but KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! (And kick butt in Hogsmeade for me!)