September 30th, 2005

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MEME, dammit.

I've been tagged by mrgazpacho AND syntheticjesso to do this meme, so...yes. Here it is:

10 things that bring you joy, and tag 6 people to do the same...

1. The idea that someday if I make enough money I could potentially never ever work again.
2. The internet.
3. My buddies who let me be completely retarded.
4. Knitting.
5. Being with a certain someone and having that certain someone be really happy that we are together.
6. Eating chips.
7. Rasputina concerts in October (except this October they're in New York, those jerks)
8. Playing the Sims for way to long because I can.
9. Sleeping late.
10. Dance Dance Revolution.

Okay, since all of my friends have been tagged by someone ELSE, I am going to tag only H_E people! (Except that I'm also tagging Aaron, because I don't see him tagged anywhere.) Soooo: Noah, Carmen, Lisa, Nikki, and pyrafire, my Gryffindor friend :) GO BE JOYFUL, OKAY?
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A Legacy Challenge Post, Everyone's Favorite Topic!

Here he is. Bliff Horseface. Genetically engineered to have the most horrifying face imaginable!! Will this loveable scamp someday have great, great grandchildren that can go to school without fear of intense torture? Let's hope so!

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Now that you know the story (which was riviting, was it not?), it's time for YOU, the viewing audience at home, to vote on who you think I should use as the heir*!

Poll #580563 Who Should Be The Heir? (...of SLYTHERIN?? HAHAHAHHAHA)

Which of these beautiful works of art should continue the Horseface bloodline?

Ralphie Pie
Neither one, please force them to have more babies!

Oh, and just in case you're interested, my current score is still 4.

*Everytime I refer to, or read someone referring to, a sim child as "The Heir", my mind automatically tacks on, "...of SLYTHERIN?? HAHAHAHHAHA" with the laughter and everything.

Just so you know.