July 8th, 2005

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(no subject)

I've got no e-mail in my inbox and that is very lame.

Let's play word association. I'll list some words and you tell me what the first word you think of for each one is.

Also tell me something interesting that happened to you today. I'm bored.

1. Pants
2. Elephant
3. Spaghetti
4. Charlie Champman
5. Tango
6. Paperclip
7. Superman
8. Water
9. Mace
10. Trampoline
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(no subject)

I am really tired today. I have a tiny headache and I'm not thinking very clearly. I don't want to scan anymore paper. I wish I had the internet at home. Aasfkjelfkjelakjrel. <--random typing

Hey, Anne, what is that lj you said was really funny and was being released as a book? I remember there was Asians hating other Asians or something going on.
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(no subject)

Holy crap, you guys. Out of curiosity, I checked to see if anyone had the livejournal name "Chewbob". Usually when I check to see if anyone has chewbob as a username, at least one person already does. I'm pretty sure at some point someone on lj had the name chewbob. And I'm always like, "WHO THE CRAP BESIDES ME HAS THE NAME CHEWBOB, AND WHAT THE CRAP, WHERE DID THEY GET IT?"

But today?

Today it was free.

No one had it.

So I have promptly snapped up the livejournal for chewbob. Will I ever actually post to it? Who knows. But it's MINE, MOTHA FUCKAS!!!!!