May 11th, 2005

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Ok, dudes, I officially used my LAST picture I have uploaded for "365 Days of Ebay" today, the auction goes up tomorrow. If I don't have another picture for tomorrow's auction, I'm SCREWED. I can take more pictures tomorrow, but tonight I don't have the time or the resources.


Find something small, preferably flat, and of little value, that will fit in an envelope. Take a picture of yourself with it, preferably making a humerous face. Post the picture as a comment, or e-mail it to me by tonight, with a short description of what it is, and any commentary you desire to make.

You WILL BE CREDITED, not only as a guest poser, but as a guest CONTRIBUTER to "365 Days of Ebay". If you live far away and cannot deliver me the actual item to send, I'll e-mail you the address of the winner to send it to, and reimburse you the shipping plus all of the profit should the item actually sell. I encourage you to wander through the backlog of items to get an idea of what I've been selling, and be creative, and I will totally love you forever!